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Founded by Michael Catt, Catt-Sci Ltd is a scientific and technology development company dedicated to the creation of insights and technologies supportive of lifelong health and wellbeing. The company has strong international academic and industrial links to facilitate exploration and realisation of new products and services. 


Michael Catt

Michael Catt has extensive experience, derived from his period of employment at Unipath, of in-vitro diagnostics, especially consumer tests relating to women's reproductive health. Continued engagement in point-of-care in-vitro diagnostics, linked to academic and industrial programmes, has sustained exploration and development of these technologies. The challenges to lifelong health arising from changing demographics and lifestyle, combined with the emergence of mobile technologies, has contributed to increased involvement in the exploration and development of non-invasive technologies for monitoring lifestyle factors, such as diet, physical activity and sleep, with focus on population health research, health monitoring, intervention development and associated consumer products designed to promote healthy lifestyle.   


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